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Portfolio Analysis Cover 2009

Portfolio Analysis Report

IACC Autism Spectrum Disorder Research


Who funded ASD research in 2009?

The Office of Autism Research Coordination, on behalf of the IACC, asked Federal agencies and private organizations for information about the ASD-related research grants they funded in 2009, including the annual budget for each project and its relevance to the seven critical questions of the 2010 IACC Strategic Plan for ASD Research. Read more.

What was the breakdown of funding?

The 13 stakeholders that were included in this analysis contributed a total of $314,385,374 across 995 ASD research projects in 2009. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) was the leading contributor of funding for ASD research in 2009 with a total of $196,589,824 funding 516 projects. This funding included both NIH-ARRA ($63,968,992) and non‑ARRA funding ($132,620,832). Read more.

What Types of ASD Research were Funded?

To better understand what areas of research were funded in 2009, projects were aligned with the corresponding questions in the 2010 IACC Strategic Plan. Figure 4 illustrates the breakdown of the research funding according to the Plan's seven critical questions related to diagnosis, biology, risk and protective factors, treatments, services, lifespan, and infrastructure and surveillance. Read more.

How did the research align with the objectives in the IACC Strategic Plan?

Within the seven questions that serve as the framework for the IACC Strategic Plan, each question has several specific short- and long-term objectives. In total, there are 62 objectives in the 2010 Strategic Plan. The objectives call for specific research efforts with a goal date for completion and include an estimate of the budget required to accomplish the goal.1 Each ASD project that received funding in 2009 was evaluated to determine which question and objective it fulfilled. Read more.


Total funding for ASD research from all participating agencies and organizations increased by 41% between 2008 ($222,215,342) and 2009 ($314,385,374). This is the result of a 65% increase in Federal spending ($93,701,880) and a 2% decrease ($1,531,848) in private funding between 2008 and 2009. NIH-ARRA funds provided a substantial boost to ASD research funding in 2009, but even without ARRA funding, total Federal investment increased 21% from 2008 ($143,724,845) to 2009 ($173,457,733). Read more.

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